“We are so happy with the photos and had such a good time with you guys! Thank you for everything! Everyone was blown away by how awesome you guys were even before the photos were done! Now you are my hero.”

Couples photographs are always fun. Whether it’s an engagement photography session coupled with your wedding photography package, or just some fun photos to document who the two of you are as a couple, I am always game. I think these are a great opportunity to capture some candid moments in the great outdoors. The possibilities for settings are endless – parks, beaches, train yards, even farm yards back for some great backdrops for photos.

If you’re booking your wedding photography with Little Black Umbrella photography, engagement sessions are a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know one another. Most couples are not accustomed to having a camera pointed at them for any length of time, and the effect can be both exhausting, and sometimes, uncomfortable. The engagement session permits us break the ice and find out the types of shots that we might want to capture on the day of your wedding. The resultant photographs can also serve as great guest book table photographs or other unique keepsakes for your guests.